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How To Make A Really Productive Sales Meeting?

How To Make A Really Productive Sales Meeting?

It is vital for your business to have a sales meeting that is productive and informative. Most companies do not have the time to develop an engaging sales meeting that will actually make a difference in their sales. You need to be able to make your meeting an event. Your presentation should be both informative and entertaining. The whole point of your sales meetings is to inform people and entertain them at the same time. Your sales meeting should be fun and successful.


There are many ways in which you can prepare for your presentation. When I was at Global, we prepared all the proposals in advance. We would discuss them at our weekly meeting and then we would decide what areas needed more work. This way, we always had time to go over any proposals again and make any tweaks where needed.

Another thing you can do is have somebody else do most of the preparation work. I used a coordinator for my projects. She prepared all the documents and proposals including the PowerPoint presentations. This person could be another member of your team or a consultant who works off site.

The next way to prepare for a sales meeting is to read the material you will be using for your presentation. In our case, we used presentations from the Inside Investment Book (IBB). This book has a lot of practical advice on how to approach investment issues.

It is very important that you have a prepared presentation. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the material you will be using. If there are questions you do not understand, make sure you ask the presenter. Have your presentation in front of a mirror. This will help if you have to clarify anything.

Your presentation should end on a good note. Always thank the person who was not present for attending your presentation. Inform them they may be called on to speak at a later date. Say something encouraging about how the meeting closed with an opportunity to learn more. If possible, consider hiring a few future speakers to come to your firm to give presentations.

As you can see, preparation plays an important role in how to make a sales meeting. You need to be prepared and able to answer a question. If the presenter does not follow along with the presentation directions, leave it until you can review the materials. This will allow you to understand the material better.


Do not feel rushed when going into a sales meeting. Give the presentation as much time as you need to digest the information. Be prepared to ask questions. Good preparation will lead to an overall successful sales meeting.

When presenting, you should remember that your appearance is important as well. Dress accordingly. Make sure that you look sharp. The last thing you want to do is to come in looking sloppy. A disheveled appearance will show that you are distracted.

During the presentation, use eye contact to connect with your audience. Use correct grammar and proper spelling. You want to communicate that you are a serious and knowledgeable professional. You can use plenty of humor to help keep the meeting entertaining. Remember that listening is half the battle.

Have a plan of action ahead of time. It can be helpful to write down the main points that you want to cover. Then, review each point and take small steps to make your presentation more effective. When you can successfully complete this type of planning, you will be well on your way to making a lasting impression on your audience.

Remember that it can be difficult to stay focused when you are trying to close a sales meeting. Sometimes, just talking with people is not enough. The key is to stay calm, professional, and prepared. By following these tips, you can put yourself on the right path to producing a very successful presentation that people will highly recommend.

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