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Most Famous Casino Games

Whether in a live casino or online casino, players are encouraged to play various games that excite them and can be rewarding. In these games, the players gamble casino chips or tokens to receive random outcomes, sometimes even a combination of outcomes. These games may be divided into three broad categories: table games, gaming machines, and random number games. 

The gaming machines are usually the simplest of them, and casino employees are rarely required to be present.  Slot games or Pachinko fall into these categories and are usually played by a single player.

Table games such as BlackJack, Roulette, or Baccarat, on the other hand, are played against the house, and more than often, there are one or multiple dealers present. The random number games differ significantly from the others. You place your bets on an unknown number randomly generated through a computerized process, a dice, or playing cards.


Roulette is comparatively one of the easier games to play and is beginner-friendly. In this game, you will observe a spinning wheel and a ball. You choose a number and color combination of your liking. Once the wheel stops spinning, the ball falls on a particular number/color combination, which is considered the winning bet. You can also choose to bet on the color (usually red or black). If you get the color and the number right, it’s a bigger win for you.



In recent years, the world has seen a surprisingly significant increase in poker players, and according to some, it is primarily due to online poker games. Casinos and other traditional venues might be slightly intimidating for beginners in this game, which is why they seek out the internet to play.


What makes online poker different than the conventional style is the players do not get to see each other face to face, and reading their body language is not an option. If you know how to put on the strongest poker face, playing online won’t help you. The most significant advantage to online poker is it is more convenient than its traditional counterpart.

Jhandi Munda

You can play Jhandi Munda online from 10CRIC, and like many others, you will love this game too. This is a game of chance played with six dice and six different symbols on each. This game was called Langur Burja, and it originated from Northeastern India. Players have to guess what sign will end up on the face of the dice once it is rolled. These signs include heart, spades, club, flag, diamond, or face. If the same symbol turns up on both dice, players win big.


Blackjack is extremely popular across the globe and with good reason too. It is similar to a banking game, except it is played with cards. Blackjack deals with a full deck of cards and is derived from another game in the same category called Twenty One. This is a table game, and the dealer has to face five to seven players. Players have to place their bets, and they can win big if their combination of cards is higher than the dealers. The number 21 is called Blackjack and is a winning hand. Anything above 21, however, is regarded as too many hands.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game that translates to “three cards” in English. This gambling game originated in India and is influenced by the Three Card Brag mixed with Poker. This game is popular among various households, and it is even played during festivities. 

Players usually place their betting amount first, and they may choose to bet or raise the amount depending on the betting limits of the game and the cards in hand. Sometimes, the Joker card is played as a Wild Card. For the first few rounds, you may choose to play Blind to increase your chances of winning.

Andar Bahar

A very well-known and popular game, Andar Bahar is a favorite and often called Katti or Mangatha by locals. Although the game is traditionally played with no money involved, you may place a bet when you play it online. The rules are not very different from how you would play with your friends and family; however, it is thrilling knowing that you’d be competing with strangers over the internet. 

Once again, a single deck of 52 cards is used, and a rapid-fire style of games decides your fate. The game does not rely so much on luck, as it does on experience and a little bit of calculative guesswork. Andar Bahar translates to inside-outside in English. This refers to the range being inside or outside the chosen number. “Andar” refers to the left side, and “Bahar” is the right side. Players get to choose from either side. Although it is a relatively simple game, there are specific rules you must know before playing, and these vary from one casino to another. 

Slot Machine

Slot machines go by different names across the world and are famous because it is easy to play. These machines are often featured in various movies where you see people sitting with a cup of tokens trying to win the jackpot. This is a game entirely dependent on chance. A typical slot machine will have a standard layout with a screen that displays three or more reels. 

With the press of a button, you send these reels spinning and wait for them to land with the icons that will help you win. Some online casinos offer you bonus rounds that were not present in the traditional slot machine games. It’s always fun to play with these new features and win to your heart’s content.

These are just some of the games that the world of online casinos has to offer you. These games are top-rated among Indian and international players because they are fun to play. A word of caution would be not to get absorbed in the game and take breaks regularly. Whether you’re indulging in the online casino experience or visiting a real one, make sure you understand the game well before indulging.

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