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MoviesFlix 2021 HD Movies Download

Almost every movie-lover in the world is familiar with torrent sites as they provide movies for free stream and download. There are hundreds of torrent sites available on the internet that offer free content. One such notorious and well-known torrent site is moviesflix. One can download and stream all types of video content, from movies to TV series and multiple genres and languages from MoviesFlix.

What is MoviesFlix?

MoviesFlix, as the name suggests itself, is a movie downloading website. But it is not a legal movie streaming site like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. It happens to be an illegal torrent movie downloading site as it collects its content through piracy violating copyright laws.

You download unlimited movies and TV series of different categories, genres, languages, and even dubbed movies, thus surpassing the language problem barriers. Movies of other languages, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc., are available. Besides, dubbed movies of different languages are also available. For example, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc., dubbed Hollywood movies are readily available on moviesFlix.

You can stream and download movies and TV shows in different HD resolutions like 720p, 1080p, etc. Also, this site is supported in all types of devices and operating systems like smartphones, tabs, laptops, android, windows, etc.

How does MoviesFlix Work?

Torrent sites like Moviesflix are created mainly to earn massive revenue by allowing the advertisements of various businesses and brands to feature on the site by charging them some amount. Hence, though sites like moviesflix provide content for free, they generate massive revenue through advertisements.

Like most torrent sites, moviesflix is also operated by unknown people from unknown locations. It’s difficult to unveil their identity, and they don’t get easily caught. They hide their identity and keep themselves anonymous because they are doing illegal work such as piracy and are violating copyright laws. As there are harsh punishments for this treason in many countries, they try to hide as much as possible.

As soon as the new movies or TV shows are released they leak them and provide them on their website. Therefore, this is how MoviesFlix works.

Why is Moviesflix Popular?

The main reason behind this high popularity of Moviesflix is simply because it provides all the old, new, latest, and popular movies and TV shows for free. Maximum people, of course, want free offers rather than paying monthly subscription charges of legal sites.

This is also evidenced by the stats provided by website traffic collector sites like and Alexa’s report shows that the global rank of Moviesflix is 21,999, and 6.3 pages are browsed daily per user. WorthofWeb has estimated the worth of movies flix to be US$1,472,800 and generates US$343,080 annually exclusively from advertisements. Its estimated site visit per year is 22,893,120, estimated to 114,403,320 page visits a year.

Therefore, all these data no doubt prove that moviesflix is a top-rated torrent site.

Movie genres available on Moviesflix

Most of the movie genres are available on moviesflix. Genres help you to select the movie you want to watch of your favorite genre.

Given below are the genres available.

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Animated
  • Crime
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Drama

Quality format available on Moviesflix

You can watch and download movies and TV shows from moviesflix in different HD resolutions. Therefore, you can enjoy high-quality movies and other content for absolutely free on moviesflix.

The different HD resolutions available are as follows-

  • 480p HD
  • 720p HD
  • 1080p HD

Latest movies and web series available on moviesflix

Moviesflix updates the new content very fast. As soon as they release on different platforms, content are being added to moviesflix website within a week or two.

Here are some of the latest movies and web series available.

Latest Movies-

  •          Cinderella (2021)
  •          Shang-Chi (2021)
  •          He’s all that (2021)
  •          Cruella (2021)
  •          Stillwater (2021)
  •          Snake Eyes (2021)

Latest Web Series

  •          On the Verge
  •          Obama
  •          Elite
  •          Modern Love
  •          What If..?
  •          American Horror Stories

How to download moviesflix?

You can easily download movies from this site, but first, you need to access the site. Since moviesflix happens to be a torrent site, it usually happens to be blocked. Therefore, at first, you need to unblock it, and only then can you download movies from movies flix.

Here are the steps of the downloading process right from unblocking the site.

  • To unblock the site first, install the VPN software on your device and then connect to the latest server provided by it.
  •  After you connect to the VPN server, you can easily access the site.
  • When the site is opened, select the movies or series you want to watch from the options available there or the genres, or you can search for the movie on the search bar and then click on it.
  • After selecting the movie you want to watch, click it, and you will see the download options with different HD resolutions. Click on any resolution that you find convenient or suitable for your device.
  •  Also, when you click on the option, the movie will start downloading.

Moviesflix new links 2021

Since moviesflix is a torrent website, it gets blocked time and again, and as a result, it keeps on changing and adding new links. Here are some of the latest links to movies flix 2021-

  •          themovies
  •          movies
  •          movies flix.url

Moviesflix app download

The Moviesflix app is not available in smartphone or laptop app stores like Google Play Store or Microsoft store because it happens to be an illegal torrent site. Since it is not available in app stores, you have to download it from Google itself by following the steps given below-

  •         You need to go to Google and search the keyword “Moviesflix apk download.”
  •         After you click the search button, Google will show you the search results consisting of many third-party sites from where you can download APKs of different apps that you cannot download from mobile app stores.
  •         From the search results, click on any of the links of third-party sites.
  •         After clicking the link, you will see the download moviesflix APK option. Just click that option, and the moviesflix APK will be downloaded on your file manager.
  •         Go to the file manager and open that APK and then touch the install button.
  •         After this, the moviesflix app will be downloaded on your device.

Legal alternatives of moviesflix

legal options of movies flix are far better than illegal ones because legal options are safe and secure to use. You don’t have to worry about viruses and data theft on using legal sites.

However, you do have to pay monthly or annual subscription charges. But legal sites are worth paying the subscription charges as they are outstanding, legal, and safe.

Here are some of the legal alternatives-

  •          Netflix
  •          Voot Select
  •          HBO Max
  •          Amazon Prime Video
  •          Disney+
  •          Jio Cinema
  •          Airtel Xstream
  •          Hungama
  •          MX Player
  •          Hulu
  •          Popcornflix
  •          Tubi

Illegal alternatives of Moviesflix

Illegal alternatives are like moviesflix only. Such sites are also torrent sites that provide free content and generate revenues through advertisements.

Illegal alternatives have features very similar to this site with very few differences. These illegal alternatives also get blocked time and again, and hence not all illegal options might be working simultaneously.

Here are some of the illegal sites available-

Movieflix- FAQs

Is downloading a movie on Moviesflix safe?

Moviesflix is not safe enough to use as there can be data theft and harmful viruses that might also enter your device. Besides, it’s an illegal site in the first place and fined for using an illegal site. Therefore, when using it is not safe, downloading movies from movies flix is not secure.

Is it legal to use the website?

As already mentioned, several times in this article, movies flix is a torrent site; we can now understand that movies flix is not a legal site. Therefore, it is not legal to use movies flix. You might get arrested, jailed, and fined for using an illegal site like movies flix.

Why should you avoid moviesflix?

You should avoid using this site simply because it’s an illegal site as using an illegal site is a crime, and you might end up behind bars. Besides, as well all know that movies flix is a torrent site, there will be chances of data theft from your device on using such a site like movies flix. Your device will also get corrupted by the harmful viruses and malware brought by this illegal site.

Hence, for all these reasons, you should avoid movies flix or any other torrent site.


This article does not support or promote the use of moviesflix or any other torrent sites. Torrent sites are illegal to use and are not safe as well. Therefore, we suggest you prefer legal sites to watch and download movies and TV shows.








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