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Tamil Gunaikvam – The Importance of Tamil Music

Tamil Gunaikvam – The Importance of Tamil Music

Tamilnadu is a Tamil movie directed by Karan Johar and starring Vin Diesel, Dazaballa, K Tamil, Madhubala, Anushka Shetty, Mahesh Babu and P.S. Tamilnadu is an epic story of a boy named Ram, who falls in love with the beautiful Princess Pari. But all the beautiful things in this paradise turned into a nightmare when she vanishes without leaving a single sign. Now, in order to track her down, Ram sets out on a wild goose chase that takes him across different lands while he searches for her.

Tamil Gunaikvam

This movie is extremely interesting and offers some excellent plot development. The dialogues are well written and the film is punctual too. The music is composed by some of the best Tamil musicians. Overall, Tamilnadu is a great family friendly movie that will appeal to the younger generation. It’s one of those rare movie gems that doesn’t try to be all things to all people. Overall, it’s a must watch movie.

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Tamilnadu is one of the main highlights of Tamil cinema. The movie is about a boy named Ram, who falls in love with Pari, the beautiful princess of Tamilnadu, though at the beginning he does not show any interest in marrying her. But when a snake interrupts their tea party and Pari gets bitten by it, Ram becomes interested in marrying her. On their way to the wedding, Ram witnesses the murder of his father by Pari’s rival. This prompts him to marry her and go on a revenge spree. In the meantime, Pari’s brother Jai is taken away by the police due to a drug scam that is going on at the wedding.

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Another fantastic aspect of this movie is the song that plays at the end – “Kathakali”. This Tamil song goes on to become a national anthems and is still sung in Tamil Nadu even today. The song has a simple and beautiful melody but has many variations. It is a beautiful song and almost sounds like poetry in its own genre.

About Tamil Poli Suburam

A different type of movie that features a song that played a major role in its creation is Tamil Poli Suburam. This movie has the same type of story as Tamilnadu, though it focuses more on poli culture than anything else. The movie is made by M. Shankar as a sequel of his first Poli Pura. It was a hit in Tamil Nadu and has been made into a series of four films – the last of which was a box office hit.

About Tamil musicians

There are a number of musicians that have been associated with Tamil film music. Some of them are K.S. Subbulak and M.V. Raman. Both these Tamil musicians have created some excellent movies. Subbulak produced a movie entitled Tamil Poli Kamal. In this movie he plays an important character called Alagar.

Then there is K.S. Subbulak who was known for his song Puriyet ke Alagar. This song was used a lot in Tamil cinema and became an integral part of the culture. Other notable Tamil gunaikvam include K.R. Sivan, M.I. Pillai, D. Santo, V.S. Anand and many more.

Tamil cinema and Music

Tamil cinema has given a different meaning to songs, as compared to other Indian languages. Many Tamil songs are very epic in nature and are extremely melodious. It is not possible for the directors to create songs as melodious as those in Marathi and Telugu, as the people from these regions do not have the ability to express their emotions in simple words. However, Tamil songs can still be made into amazing songs and great Tamil gunaikvam. With proper expressions and effort the directors and producers of Tamil movies can create amazing music.

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