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Telaakum – An Alternative Healing Site

Telaakum – An Alternative Healing Site

A few weeks ago I came across Telaakum and had to find out more about it. Telaakum is a very new website that teaches people the basics of Telaakum, a healing method that is native to the Pacific Islands. For me, this was an exciting opportunity to learn more about Telaakum from an online source and get a better understanding of the practice. I’m going to give you my experience finding out more about Telaakum and doing my research.


Telaakum started out as a free downloadable website for a period of time. While Telaakum is free, they’ve added a premium learning center and learning resources to the website in order to continue to attract people and to build their business. So, you do need to pay to access the premium learning center. Otherwise you might want to consider going straight to the Telaakum free download website.

The benefits of Telaakum

The benefits of Telaakum are many and the potential for profit is also high. Telaakum promotes all types of healing, especially Reiki, Reflexology, Bodywork, Chiropractors, Dietetics and other alternative medicine. I’m not sure how much profit they make, but it could be substantial. Their entire online presence is designed to attract clients who are interested in Reiki healing. They do have an email newsletter, but they invite you to sign up for their daily emails which also include their healing articles.

I decided to check out Telaakum because they were promoting an article on Reflexology and needed an article host. I signed up for their website and was able to immediately see that it was a secure website with a safe page. I was also able to view their privacy policy which outlines how they keep their information secure. Their terms of service are very easy to understand.

Experience of Telaakum

My first experience of Telaakum was to simply give them my name and email address to receive a free book on Reiki. I received a book that gave me tons of information on how to use Reiki. They have several videos and DVD’s that can help learn the basics of Reiki. I found several articles online that helped me understand the concepts behind Reiki.

The next time I went to Telaakum, I purchased a book on Reiki that contained information on using Reiki. I’m very glad that I purchased this book. It gave me even more knowledge and I was able to help a friend of mine with her problems.

Healing process

I also like Telaakum because they have an “As Seen On TV” section that contains informational videos about Reiki. Some of them were a little hard to understand, but they still helped me understand the concepts. Videos are definitely the way to go when trying to help your own self understand and learn Reiki. This website also has a healing center, so you can see before and after pictures of different clients that have gone through the healing process.

The healing center had a couple of different options for clients. They had a Reiki session, as well as a guided meditation. I opted for the Reiki session and I thought it was very helpful. The other option was a video that would allow me to better understand Reiki without having to sit down with a therapist. I’m very happy with the service that Telaakum provides to their clients.

Telaakum has a couple of different ways to pay for their services. You can become a member for as little as $20 and gain instant access. After you become a member, you can then gain access to their library. This has a lot of information, which was very helpful to me. They also have a small healing center in Bangkok, which is perfect for people that want to learn Reiki but are not in the area.

Alternative healing method

I had a very bad experience with Telaakum before. Before I decided to use their services, my therapist at the clinic would only give me Reiki treatments. Even after he left, he would call me every few weeks to see if I needed anything and he would not give me any advice on how to use Reiki on myself. The first time I went to Telaakum, everything went smoothly and I was able to get a lot of advice from the staff. Once I became a member, they gave me a lot of great information on how to use Reiki to heal myself and to make myself better.

If you are looking for an alternative healing method and want to learn Reiki fast, I highly recommend using Telaakum. It has helped me out tremendously and I plan on using it for a long time to come. If you are looking for an alternative healing method, you should definitely look into Telaakum.

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