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5 Ways Translation Services Are Revolutionising Modern Businesses

If you run a business, your main goal is likely to be based on growing and becoming successful. To give yourself the best chance of growth, widening your customer and client base can be a huge help – but what happens if you’re looking to make your business successful in a country where you don’t speak the language? Translation services can help and are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many companies. They can help with face-to-face interpretation, as well as the translation of documents and contracts. Read on to find out 5 ways that these services are revolutionising modern businesses. 

What is a translation service? 

Translation services are becoming more popular with businesses across the world. Choosing one of these services means that you can provide content globally that is directly tailored to whichever sector your business falls into. Translation services can include translation of documents or contracts, as well as subtitles and articles, or you could choose interpretation services, which can help your business communicate via remote videos and telephone calls, as well as face-to-face if necessary. Many benefits come with utilising a translation service which we will look at in more detail below. 

  • Increases reach 

Using translation services means that you can work towards your business going global. If you provide a service to one area or country, you will have reduced customer and client numbers from the start. Using translation services means that you can take your product or service anywhere you think would benefit! This means you can attract new customers, which can, in turn, result in higher profits and positive word of mouth for your company. 

  • Attracts a variety of customers and clients 

If you’re a business that works with clients, using translation and interpretation services means that you can adapt your approach to suit them, which could result in your company connecting with new people around the world. This can have a positive impact on the growth of your company, as well as an increase in profit and reputation. Similarly, as it does with reach, working with new clients and customers all over the world means you can communicate clearly and connect with people that you wouldn’t have a chance to otherwise. 

  • Shows you care 

Translation services help businesses to show that they care about their customers and clients. It can often seem ignorant if your business does not know how to communicate with others in a different language and it may seem impossible to cater for everyone – but this is how translation services are changing the way we work. Adapting to each person’s individual needs means that they are more likely to feel valued by your business, and it is unlikely that this will go unnoticed. It shows that your company is doing what it can to be inclusive and to help improve communication on all levels, which we will look at in more detail below. 

  • Improves communication 

An increasing amount of communication that takes place within a business takes place via video calls and conferences, as well as over the phone. Sometimes, it can be difficult to hear clearly what the other person is saying on a phone call, and technology can often let us down. This is where translation and interpretation can really take your business to the next level. Various services mean that you can accommodate phone calls and video calls with anyone that does not speak the same language, to ensure clear and precise communication, so that there are no crossed wires. This is essential in business so that both parties are sure of terms and conditions, as well as any issues that may need to be conveyed to one another.  It can help you to retain clients and can show a high level of service from your business. 

  • Conveys emotion 

The way that you come across in a conversation gives meaning to the words you’re saying. If you’re talking to someone in the same language, they can tell how you’re feeling by the tone of your voice. When learning a language, tone of voice can be hard to convey. Choosing to use a translation service means that you can take advantage of the skills that come with speaking certain languages fluently and allows you to engage with your customer’s emotions more effectively. This allows your company to tailor an approach directly to the audience you’re looking to connect with and will leave you with happy customers and clients. 

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