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Innovative File Converter Tools From GogoPDF Online

Digital files are a great innovation and also part of every successful business. In the past, you had to type every word using a typewriter manually, and it can only produce a hard copy version of your file. Today, you can use different file formats such as Word, PPT, and PDF documents to type and transfer anything you need.

The massive growth of people who use digital files also produced another innovation called web-based editor tools. An example of an online tool is the GogoPDF. This tool has a variety of services with outstanding features. Anyone can freely access this tool, provided that they have a device and internet. 

GogoPDF Converter Tools

GogoPDF, by definition, is a browser-based tool that can convert, organize, optimize, and secure your PDFs. GogoPDF’s most known converter tools are Excel To PDF, PDF to PNG, and Word To PDF. Also, when you need to secure your PDFs, you can try the Add Watermark, Protect PDF, and Unlock PDF tool. 

Also, you don’t need to download and install anything when you use GogoPDF since it’s a web-based tool. Moreover, this online platform supports multiple browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, it is also accessible to any Operating System such as Linux, Microsoft, and Mac. 

Another feature of GogoPDF is that it supports the Cloud System. Most of the time, people like to save their files online. With the Cloud System, you can easily open and visit your file without hassle. Also, it saves memory on your storage device. Thus, it is ideal for most people who work with files every time.  

Converting PDF Into PNG Format 

Having a PDF file gives you a sense of security. However, there might be instances that your teacher or boss will request you to present a certain topic from your submitted PDF file immediately. 

You can search for different options that can help you transform your PDF file into a presentation. One way of making it easier is to convert your PDF format into a PNG format using GogoPDF.

PNG has sets of advantages over traditional imaging formats. It uses deflate compressions that make it look sharper compared to the JPEG format. In addition, PNG can function with compressed images that have transparent areas. Thus, the saved images on your PDFs would look better if it’s in PNG format.

Another good thing about PNGs is that you can insert and customize any designs on your file’s images. With this, you can create imagery that suits web graphics with minimal effort. The next thing you need to do is to search for GogoPDF’s PDF To PNG tool. Also, the procedure would not take much of your time. Follow these steps: 

  • Gather the PDF files that you need to transform into PNG format. Next, upload them on GogoPDF’s tool.
  • After that, the images on your file will be extracted one-by-one. 
  • Lastly, wait until your file is downloadable. Once read, click the link and begin downloading your newly transformed file. 

Transforming Excel Into A PDF Format 

Every development will not be possible without any data. When you try to innovate ideas, you would surely first look for the potential or future needs of humankind. After that, you will search for ways to apply your ideas. Once you find a way of manifesting your ideas, that is where you do the gathering of data. 

When you already have a sufficient amount of data, you need a database to input all your raw data. Excel is a common example of a database. The Excel format is an essential format and tool to many researchers since you can easily access it. Also, it is versatile and open to all. 

But, Excel also has its limitations. One of the downsides of Excel format is that it is not easy to read, especially if you have tons of data on the spreadsheet. In addition, Excel can easily be altered, unlike PDF format. Thus, it would be essential to convert your Excel into a PDF format. 

GogoPDF’s Excel To PDF tool can make this happen in only a glimpse. You only need to upload your Excel file into its system and begin the process. The conversion of your file will not be long since it only needs a few seconds, and it will already be downloadable. 


The innovation of file converter tools such as GogoPDF is an affirmation of the development of today’s technology. With its easy-to-use file converter tool, your file conversion task would not be demanding. So browse the internet today and try GogoPDF now!  


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