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Protect Your PDF Files From Unauthorized Access Using PDFBear

The Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most in-demand and reliable file formats that many people use worldwide. It’s easy to share with other devices whenever necessary. You can also quickly upload your PDFs on the internet or other platforms online. Besides that, you can even do the conversion from other formats to PDF files with so much convenience. If you also want to make printed copies, you can easily reproduce them in a matter of a few minutes. 

However, just like other file formats, one problem you may encounter in using PDF files is the tendency to be accessed and used by anyone without your knowledge. On top of that, if your PDFs contain valuable data with sensitive and confidential information, it’ll surely add to your problem. Hence, the best way to protect your files from any undesirable experiences is to set up a secure password for them. 

Moreover, you can find different websites and other tool providers on the internet. But, you can’t be sure which is the best and the safest one to use. With that, this article will help you end your search. You’ll get to know one of the most sought-after platforms online. It’s PDFBear that will give you free access to its PDF protection tool, allowing you to set up a secure password in your PDF files. Hence, continue reading this article to know why you should use the PDFBear platform to protect your files from any unauthorized file access and use. 

Safest Platform for PDF Password Protection

One of the important things you need to check when looking for a particular online file tool is its capacity to protect PDF files and other electronic documents. Surely, you don’t want to put your PDFs at risk in any way and at all times. That’s why you have to be careful about using any website or platform. You need to double-check if your PDFs will be protected, or there might be a chance that they won’t. 

Hence, many users of PDF worldwide keep on accessing the platform of PDFBear. It’s because they’ve proven this platform’s credibility and integrity to keep their word and make their users happy and confident, knowing that their PDFs are always safe. When you download your newly passworded PDFs, this platform will automatically delete whatever files you upload and save on its website after sixty minutes or one hour. Doing so will help make sure that no one will ever access your files in the future without your permission. 

Fastest PDF Encryption Process

Another benefit of using PDFBear in setting up a password in your PDF files is its fastest encryption process. It’s literally quick that won’t cause you to spend so much time. You only have to follow a few steps by clicking some buttons and uploading your files on its website. After that, formulate a strong password that you think no one can easily decode in the future. 

You can include different numbers and add some letters and other special characters. Once done, put it on the PDFBear tool with your PDF files. Then, tap the “Encrypt PDF” button to let the system save the changes you’ve made in your files. That’s it! You only have to wait for a couple of minutes. Then, you can get your newly encrypted PDFs downloaded directly to your device. 

Accessibility and Compatibility

Besides being a safe platform and a fast tool for encrypting, PDFBear will also give you the most accessible online tool and the most compatible with other devices and operating systems. In fact, you can set up a password in your PDF files using your smartphone or tablet.  

Doing so will always allow you to complete this PDF encryption wherever you are at any time of the day. On top of that, you will never have any problem with compatibility issues with the OS. It’s because PDFBear works perfectly fine with Mac, Linux, and Windows. As long as you’re using an internet-enabled device with a stable internet connection, you’re good to go. 

Moreover, accessing the website of PDFBear will also never give you any problems. It’s a user-friendly site that is so easy to navigate and browse every page. Besides that, you can access it on Chrome, Safari, Edge, and many other popular web browsers today. Hence, using the PDFBear platform, you’ll never have any issues with compatibility and accessibility. It’ll then give you the most convenient way of dealing with your PDFs in setting up a secure password. 


As mentioned earlier, you can find tons of websites on the internet that will offer you a particular tool to set up a password for your PDF files. But, not all of them have the same security and quality. Hence, with all of the reasons discussed above, PDFBear is one of the best choices you can have when you need a tool to protect your PDFs from any possible unauthorized access in the future. 

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