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Online Sports Betting – How to Find the Best Internet Sportsbook For You

Online sports betting is still in its infancy, while illegal sports betting is still a ways away from being legalized. The top online betting providers are off to an excellent start, having stellar platforms, terrific bonus offers and plenty of other perks. To find out the top 10 best online betting websites for you to try, we’ve reviewed all of the top ones and have listed them below for you to read about.

Virginia Beach Casino:

Virginia Beach Casino gaming resorts offer all types of gaming including live dealer casinos, video poker, craps, roulette, blackjack and more. They have a fantastic reputation for customer service and boast a solid bonus policy and a variety of promotions including promotions for online wagering and spins at their bars. You can also enjoy their VIP privileges including special entrance into the casino, VIP parties, meet & greet with the staff and more. If you want to get away from it all, Virginia Beach Casino offers luxurious accommodations with beautiful beach views. The casino also offers a full service restaurant with fine dining, snacks and coffee.


Playbook Gaming has had steady growth over the past few years and they currently offer over one hundred thousand betting lines. With their free newsletter you will receive updates on new promotions, specials and new wagers. Their service is simple; you simply download the free newsletter, complete your bet, and that is it. Betting options include football, basketball, rugby, baseball and NASCAR racing. The odds on each game are provided in the form of links, making gamblers interested in those games more likely to win. There are a number of promotions available, but free bets are the biggest attraction.

Coral Gables Sportsbooks:

If you prefer to bet at home, Coral Gables is perfect for your needs. They provide excellent customer service, low rates, VIP member discounts, and a convenient payment method with credit cards. Their location makes them a great choice for both gamblers and non-gamers alike. You can place bets on both basketball and golf. Over forty different gambling odds are offered on a variety of sporting events, including boxing, bingo, equestrian, poker, soccer, softball, tennis, and a variety of seasonal sports.

New Hampshire House Of Pies:

This New Hampshire based sportsbook is offering a special promotion for their customers. For every winning bet, up to five dollars will be added to your online account. The benefits of this wagering offer are worth the small investment, as the company has been in business for over fifteen years. They have twenty-four branches throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Washington D.C.

Westgate Casinos:

This Las Vegas based gambling website is offering promotions for its members. All new depositors will receive one hundred percent welcome bonuses. welcome bonuses are offered in the form of reduced deposit interest rates, free VIP bonuses, and no-deposit bonus periods. Westgate Gaming is located on the Las Vegas strip. In addition to conventional gambling games, they feature video poker, craps, roulette, slots, and bingo.

Betting exchange:

A number of internet gambling sites are offering live online sports betting. These are promotions that you can take advantage of to earn extra money. Some websites will allow you to place your live bets using your credit card, without having to deposit funds beforehand. Others still require you to have funds in your online account to initiate your bets. With either option, the odds of your winning are dependent upon the amount of time you plan to spend researching different teams and participating in betting activities.

Many of these websites will launch with one or two initial specials but will eventually launch with a number of different specials. Before you participate in betting exchanges, you will want to thoroughly research each site that you are interested in. Some launch with exciting promotions only to lose their customers’ betting funds to fraudsters. Others may require deposit amounts that are far beyond what you have available in your online gambling account. It is in your best interest to thoroughly research each website you are interested in before you place any deposits.

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