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M4uFree 2021 – Watch Full Movies Online for Free

Torrent sites are top-rated because they provide all the latest movies and TV shows, unlike the original sites where you have to pay to watch movies and TV shows. This is why millions of people use torrent sites even though they are illegal to use. These sites are unlawful because they steal and leak someone else’s copyrighted content. To name a notorious torrent site, M4uFree would be the best example. M4uFree is known for providing Hollywood and other regional movies for free.

More about M4uFree

As the name itself suggests, M4uFree provides its content for absolutely free. You can download all the Hollywood movies and TV series for free and in HD quality.

M4uFree is known for adding new releases as soon as they release.  Besides Hollywood, it also uploads Bollywood, Korean, and other language movies, and that too for free.

Due to several copyright infringement complaints received by the US DMCA, the site has been partially removed from Google search results. You can only get single-page search results for this site on Google. You will not get further details about this site on the continuing pages of Google search results.

Since M4uFree is a torrent site, it gets blocked several times, and as a result, it has multiple domain extensions and proxy sites.

Features of M4uFree

M4uFree has some remarkable features that have made it nothing but a fantastic website to watch movies.  Besides providing content for free, it has many other cool features as well.

  • M4uFree is one of the few sites that are user-friendly and have a good user interface.
  • Whatever content it provides, it provides all of them in HD resolution.
  • Not only Hollywood, but it also provides other language content like Bollywood and Korean as well.
  • On top of the homepage, there is a search bar to search for the movies you want to watch.
  • Besides, it also has provided categories and genres to select a movie that you want to watch easily.
  • M4uFree adds the new releases as soon as they release on various platforms like OTT and theatres.
  • Whatever may be the content, it provides all those in HD resolution.
  • Besides movies and TV shows, these days, M4uFree is providing anime also.
  • Its unique feature is that it has provided several filters for finding the movie or show that you want to watch. The filters are Browse, Genre, Year, Language, Sort By release date, and Sort descending.

Movies leaked by M4Ufree

M4uFree is a torrent site, and it is well known for leaking copyrighted movies and TV shows. It has leaked old, new, and popular movies that it provides for free to millions of people worldwide. Over the years, M4uFree has leaked hundreds of movies, some of which are given below-

  • Swan Song
  • Survive
  • Free Guy
  • Eye without a face
  • Broken Harts

TV series provided by M4uFree

Like most torrent sites, M4uFree also provides some of the popular TV series for free, and that too in HD resolution. It has successfully leaked some of the popular TV series over the years, some of which are listed below-

  • Modern Love (2 seasons)
  • The Outpost (4 seasons)
  • Ghost Adventure (23 seasons)
  • Love Island (7 seasons)
  • FBoy Island (1 season)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8 seasons)
  • Gossip Girl (1 season)
  • Riverdale (5 seasons)
  • Titans (3 seasons)

Categories available on M4uFree

To make it easier for you, M4uFree has organized its content categorically. Therefore, you can jump into these categories and choose the movie or TV show you want to watch or if that seems interesting.

Following are the categories available:

  • New Movies
  • 2021 Movies
  • Top View
  • New TV Series
  • Anime

Genres available on M4uFree

Besides the categories mentioned above, you can also find the content according to genres. Multiple genres are available on this site, and you can watch movies or TV shows of your favorite genre. The genres available on M4uFree can be listed as follows-

  • Action
  • Biography
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Documentary
  • Crime
  • Family
  • Drama
  • History
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • History
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Music
  • Short
  • Thriller
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sport
  • Western
  • War

How popular is M4uFree?

According to statistics provided by, the global rank of M4uFree is 40,560. This ranking is based on the data collected by about the website traffic of different websites around the world. The page visit per user of this site is 6.2 pages and per user spends 4.43 minutes on average.

Therefore, after looking at these stats, we can understand or assume that M4uFreeis a popular website. However, it is a known fact that most torrent sites are popular because of their free content policy. Therefore, even if we don’t consider these statistics, M4uFree, one of the notorious torrent sites, is undoubtedly famous.

M4uFree Worth

According to the statistics provided by, the estimated worth of M4uFree is the US $2,183,200. This information is based on the data collected by the website that calculates the revenues generated by various websites based on website traffic and advertising revenue. also states that M4uFree earns a massive revenue of US $479,520 annually solely through advertisements. The website gets 31.98 Million website visits per year which can be calculated to 159-page visits per year.

Therefore, we can understand that M4uFree earns a pretty handsome amount compared to other torrent sites.

Is It legal?

M4uFree is a popular torrent site and acquires its content through unethical and illegal means by violating rules and regulations. It acquires its content by leaking others copyrighted content, and as a result, this site is considered illegal in many countries. Since it is deemed to be unlawful, it is blocked in many countries as well.

Copyright infringement is a serious crime, committing which you might end up jailed and fined. Besides, it is illegal to operate the site but to use is also an unlawful act. The punishments are the same for the users as well. Hence, you may use such torrent sites like M4uFree at your own risk though we suggest you not use this illegal site.

Therefore, it is clear that neither operating nor using torrent sites like M4uFree is legal.

How to unblock M4uFree?

Since It is a torrent site, it is undoubtedly blocked-in countries where it is considered illegal. For example, it is blocked in India because of its illegality. However, you can still access this site even in countries blocked by using a VPN server.

The VPN server helps you to unblock the blocked site. You have to download a good VPN server on your device and then connect to the server with the lowest ping shown in that software. After connecting to the server, you can easily access the blocked site, thus unblocking it. Therefore, this is how you unblock a torrent site.

Is M4uFree safe to use?

M4uFree is a notorious torrent site, and it is not safe to use. When you use a torrent site like this, you can lose some confidential data due to data theft which is a common issue related to torrent sites.

Besides, the site acquires content from various unknown sources and features multiple ads, both of which harm your device by bringing malware on it. Therefore, using a torrent site like this is not safe.

M4uFree legal alternatives

Why prefer bad when there are plenty of better options available. Similarly, why prefer illegal sites when there are plenty of legal alternatives available. Legal options are far better than illegal ones. However, you need to pay monthly or annual charges to access the legal sites, but they are very safe to use.

Legal Alternatives-

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SonyLiv
  • HBO Max Originals

M4uFree illegal alternatives

Many other sites are very similar to M4uFree. Such sites are torrent sites, and they are also illegal, like M4uFree. Their features are also very similar to this, and many of them are also blocked in many countries due to their illegality. Like M4uFree, its alternatives also leak and provide content for free and generate revenue by allowing several ads to feature on their respective sites.

Illegal Alternatives


It is not good and safe to use illegal sites like M4uFree. Therefore, we suggest you use legal sites to watch movies safely.

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