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Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021

Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies Creates Buzz

Sun Nxt is one of the hottest Telugu genre films. Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, the film is slated for release in India this May/June. Starring Alappuzha, Ravi Teja, and Kritika, it is sure to be a box office hit. Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies is expecting to make good money. Let us take a brief look at some of the buzz created about Sun Nxt

Upcoming Telugu Movies

The film has been postponed after two episodes because of some disputed incidents between the crew and the resistance fighters. In the second episode, the film was postponed again and all the scenes that were shot were intentionally chopped out. But it looks like it might not be lost forever. The director said in an interview that he plans to shoot the rest of the movies in batches apart from the planned 14th August release.

There are many reasons that make Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies so hot. First, the story is based on a real incident that took place in Tamil Nadu. People from that region had formed a group to fight against the illegal settlers from the neighboring state. They have been fighting ever since. It was only after the Illegal Settlements in the state were outlawed that the people started to organize themselves in the form of committees to pursue their cause for a nationalistic way of life.

Why SUN NXT APP Is the Best for Telugu Movies?

The main character of Sun Nxt is none other than Parris Jayaraj. Parris is the leader of a committee called “Nyai Samudrad” which means National Peace Committee. The movie title release date video link may be a promotional tool to help the directors to promote the film beyond Sundance and direct audience towards the theaters for a wide release. This is the first ever public screening of the film at almost every major cinema in the country. Many prominent personalities like DMK, Kavil, Vinay and Kamal has confirmed to watch the film.

Advantages of SUN NXT OTT

Another reason why this movie has become a hit in the south India is because the director vanishes the exotic look of Tamil cinema. The mix of realistic characters along with colorful costumes and settings to create an authentic setting and mood for audiences across the nation. Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 is about how people from Tamil Nadu struggle to maintain their culture and values despite the partition and formation of Pakistan. The story is narrated by Naveen, a villager who had once joined an anti-nationalist movement.

Telugu Directors

Director Sudhanshu Sutar gave the film a mild censorship and it was released without any cuts. The mandatory cuts were later taken out later on by the censors. There are many more movies in store for the year and the next Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 will be premiering in theaters after the end of the fiscal year on 16th October. Fans are now looking forward to the possible release of the film on the same day as its premier in Tamil Nadu.

Another one of the upcoming Telugu movies, that is predicted to make a huge buzz in the state is “Nazar Bangali” (The Dirty Hari), which is slated to be released on December 18th. A romantic comedy, the film is based on the life of an elite Marathi girl called Hana. She fell in love with a man from her village, but since her parents didn’t agree, she ended up eloping with her best friend. She returns to her home to get married to a wealthy Telugu businessman who falls in love with her again.

Sun Nxt Box office hits

The main lead in this film, actress Nivi Tulsi, also has other award winning roles in her career. The main theme of the film is love and betrayal. This romantic story is expected to be a box office hit, given the great success of “Swinging doors” last year. Other great stars playing a pivotal role in the film include Sharukh Khan, Nanban, Ravi Teja, Dinnanath Mangeshkar and Ashok Kumar. Sun Nxt Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 is sure to be a hit among the youth and youngsters, who look forward to seeing some fantastic actress playing a lead role in it.

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