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What Are the Entry Requirements For Logistics Degrees In Singapore?

It is a dynamic choice to choose the logistics management industry. This industry needs candidates to illustrate the essential abilities required to carry out their responsibilities. Once a degree in Logistics in Singapore is completed successfully, it will help the candidate land a glorious job and take off their career right after graduation. 

A candidate can be an asset contributor to any firm as they can use problem-solving techniques and solve various business challenges. A Diploma or a degree in one of the first offered courses in Singapore in logistics management can also help working professionals upgrade their skills and reskill them for new job opportunities in this industry. 

Applying to a program in logistics that would accept both part-time students and full-time students has certain specific requirements, which are mentioned below:

  • Age

To apply to a program in logistics, the first and foremost thing which needs to be considered is age. The person applying for the degree must be at least 18 years or older to register. 

  • Academic Qualifications 

The requirement differences that are required by the universities of Singapore when it comes to local students and international students are as follows : 

The local students of Singapore can have one or more of the following to qualify for a logistics degree in Singapore.

  • Two or more passes in ‘A’ Level GCE 
  • 24 points International Baccalaureate 
  • Equivalent Local Polytechnic Diploma in any field

International students can have any one or more of the following to qualify for a logistics degree in Singapore.

  • Completing Year 12 High School Qualification or any equivalent qualification from the student’s respective home countries
  • 24 points International Baccalaureate completion 
  • In their respective home countries, a diploma in any equivalent local polytechnic field.
  • Eligibility In English 

Singapore is an English-speaking nation, and to study in one, there are certain requirement levels of language ability set by the universities in Singapore. A student needs to demonstrate a verification score of an IELTS, which has to be 5.5 or above, and a score of at least 550 in TOEFL for the same. The student, whether local or international, should complete the LSBF Preparatory Course in English Upper Intermediate Level successfully. 

  • GCE O-Level

The GCE O-Level or the Singapore Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary level is an annual examination conducted nationally and taken by the candidates who are home-schooled or studying in private schools and also by the school students who reside in Singapore. However, this certification is considered a necessity if a student wants to continue their Logistics degree in Singapore. Once the GCE O-Level Certificate is obtained successfully, the students in and outside Singapore can pursue their Logistics degree in any higher institution in Singapore. The best part of having a GCE O-Level Certificate is that it is recognized worldwide and can be used for most degree applications. Since Singapore is an English-speaking nation, a student must also achieve a grade of C6 or higher in the portion dedicated to the English language of the GCE-O. 

Those students who have non-standard entry requirements, which include failing to complete year 12 high school qualification or any equivalent qualification from the student’s respective home countries, other PEI qualification, etc., will be evaluated for the approval of the Academic Board on a case-by-case basis of the subject.

Key Factors 

Certain key factors are required to keep in mind by local and international students before planning to apply for a Logistics Degree in Singapore. 

  • Duration of the course (full-time):  8 months + 6 months 
  • Duration of the course (part-time): 12 months + 6 months 
  • Dates of Student intake(full-time): Starts in January, March, May, July, September, and November 

The full-time students attend their classes from Monday to Friday at 3 hours per day and o through independent or directed learning for 8 months and an additional 6 months for industrial attachment. (Directed study: 36 hours, Synchronous: 27 hours, Asynchronous: 9 hours)

  • Dates of Student intake(part-time): Starts in January, April, July, and October 

The part-time students attend lessons for 3 hours 2-3 nights a week for 12 months and an additional 6 months for industrial attachment. (Directed study: 30 hours, Synchronous: 21 hours, Asynchronous: 9 hours)

Mode of Delivery: Available both live online and on campus 

Fees (Average) for local students: SGD 6,000 

Fees (Average) for international students: SGD 8,000 

(All the prices are GST-inclusive.)


A logistics degree can help a candidate handle all the complex elements of procurement, logistics, and supply chain duties, as many Universities in Singapore provide an ample structure in the degree programs of logistics. This will aid a candidate to prosper in today’s cutting-edge company firms and illustrate their capabilities, understandings, and skills in a manner that will overwhelm any employer.

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