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What Skills You Will Learn From UI UX Design Course?

In order to enhance web traction, UI/UX Design of a website or a web application plays an important role for it not only attracts but also holds end users’ attention, thereby enhancing the brand recall and brand recognition. This facilitates growth in top-line as well as the bottom-line of the business.  

What is UI & UX design?

User Interface Design (UI Design) involves developing visual styling, appearance & aesthetics of an app or a website or video games, in terms of designing of individual screen, each page, colour schemes, icons & buttons including its arrangement, typography, images, interface animations, transitions and any other micro interactions etc. Furthermore, it also entails designing of user’s navigation through the product, be it Graphical User Interface or Gesture Based Interface or Voice-Controlled Interface. The objective being to offer convenience and unsurpassed experience in order to grab the end users attention along with communicating Brand’s strength. Additionally , these design choices facilitate end user in identifying “call to action”, what buttons need to be tapped or clicked; what needs to be swiped etc.  

User Experience (UX) Design involves researching, analyzing & understanding the target audience, their perspective, preferences & requirements, competition & market etc. and accordingly develop user experience during his complete journey with product, website, and web application.  He collaborates with UI designers & developers, stakeholders & teams from varied departments etc. and is accountable for wire-framing, building Information architecture, prototypes and then also testing so as to ensure convenient, efficient, smooth, pleasant, logical and intuitive user experience, thereby accruing not only consumer loyalty, but also building a positive brand perception. 

Skills gained on conclusion of UI/UX Design course: 

  • Research & Analytical skills: The curriculum mentors UX/UI Designers in identifying the ideal candidates, conduct focused group study, conduct unstructured discussions, open ended surveys besides studying users under test conditions as well as in their natural environment. They are equipped with competencies to analyze qualitative as well as quantitative data, thus ensuring a positive impactful customer experience.


  • Wire framing, prototyping & testing skills: Basis the analysis of consumer research and the understanding of client’s requirements, UI/UX designers must ascertain the elements to be displayed, their positioning, their visual representation, buttons etc. and hence craft wireframes. On approval of wireframes, tools like Invision or Marvel etc are utilized to build prototypes (mockups) for testing. Post the required corrections, they are involved with construction of final high-fidelity design (final mockup) of the product. It is built to resemble the final coded product. 


  • Coding Skills: Knowledge and understanding about coding like HTML and CSS etc. will assist UI/UX designers to comprehend software architectural constraints & thus will not only be able to collaborate with software engineers to develop more efficient & realistic designs but also to carry out minor iterations on the website and/or app minus the developer’s help.


  • Information architecture skills: The UI/UX Design course equips UI/UX designers with proficiency in Information Architecture, thus enabling them in efficiently organising and placing of information, structuring & labelling, such that the end user has an efficient, logical & hassle-free experience. 


  • Visual communication skills: Efficient use of visual cues structured by the UX/UI designers ensure that users are guided to next steps or their desired information with nominal written directions. Furthermore, the end users get an intuitive experience.

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