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Why your children need private lessons this summer

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As we all know, this summer is one of the most atypical that we have experienced in our country. A summer with social distancing, masks and hygiene measures that we have to cope with by combining teleworking with the needs of our children.

And why this year more than ever children need tutoring during the summer? The answer is simple: the course was stopped in March and online classes were imposed during confinement. With the return to school, children need to arrive prepared for the month of September to face the new stage.

During the summer season and after confinement, it is necessary for the little ones in the house to take a break, disconnect and have a good time during these months.

At we think that school reinforcement through private classes with trained teachers is an excellent idea to review all the concepts learned during the course in subjects such as English, language or mathematics.

Here are some tips to make summer as fun and fruitful as possible:


Encourage your children to dedicate an hour a day from Monday to Friday to do their homework and choose a qualified professional to reinforce those subjects in which they are weak. Give them weekends off, remember it’s summer and they have to enjoy it too.

Plan study and game time with your children. Yes, breaks also have to be planned.

Keep a study routine flexible enough in case a plan arises to be able to carry it out.

Plan private classes with the teacher at home or online.

Take advantage of the summer months to encourage your children to read books appropriate to their age and ask for recommendations from private teachers.

Talk to your teacher to make the classes as enjoyable as possible and find out about their progress.

Motivate your child to study during the summer those subjects in which he has lagged during the course, as this will help him a lot to face the month of September.

Look for the most personalized private classes for the needs of your children, adapted to their age and level of learning.

If you are looking for private classes for your children to continue learning this summer, do not hesitate to visit our website . You will find specialized teachers in all subjects anywhere in Spain

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