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All You Need to Know About Studying BA in English Literature

Studying literature gives wings to our imagination. It helps broaden our minds and thoughts. We better understand people, culture, emotions, and society at large. Literature helps deepen our horizons and encourages us to think critically about complex and challenging topics from various perspectives. Therefore, many students choose to study BA in English Literature to obtain transferrable skills and better understand the world around them.

BA in English Literature is one of the most preferred undergraduate programmes in India and abroad. A pool of students enrols in the BA in English Literature degree programme for a variety of reasons. If you’re also planning to opt for a bachelor’s course in English, here is a list of a few things you must know.

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  • What does a bachelor’s in English Literature entail?

BA in English Literature is a popular undergraduate programme. The three-year bachelor’s degree course focuses on providing students with in-depth knowledge of artistry and the utility of English through literature study. English literature study focuses on writing, grammar, debate, analysis, poetry, history, plays, novels, prose, theory, and criticism.

  • Subjects in English Literature

A bachelor’s degree in English Literature covers various genres of literature over the three years of study, such as History of English Literature, Victorian Literature, American Literature, Rhetoric & Prosody and the Literary Forms, Women’s Writing, Renaissance Texts, Creative Writing, Postcolonial Literature, Readings in Gender and Sexuality, English Poetry, Economics, Research and Criticism, Literature, Language and Media, Contemporary Fiction, Romanticism, Canadian Literature, Drama, Literary Criticism, Autobiography, European Literature, Medieval Literature, and African-American Literature.

  • Entry requirements for bachelor’s in English Literature 

Applicants must have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks in any stream from a recognised board. Many universities also conduct state or university-level entrance exams to evaluate an applicant’s skills. Admission requirements vary from university to university. Many government universities conduct entrance examinations, while private universities take students based on cut-off marks or merit lists.

  • Reasons to study English literature

Studying a bachelor’s in English Literature degree develops a thorough knowledge of literary history, theory, debate, drama, and criticism. Students also gain a better understanding of different cultures and intellectual traditions. It enables you to develop transferrable skills, opens doors to numerous career opportunities, and gains an edge when preparing for a higher degree abroad. The degree also provides exciting opportunities to travel overseas. Plus, students can easily crack the English language test IELTS when planning to migrate or work abroad.

  • Career prospects

Many students often wonder about an efficient career after pursuing a bachelor’s in English Literature. If truth be told, earning a degree in English literature opens a plethora of opportunities for graduates. They can launch a career in creative writing, journalism, content writing, editing, proofreading, screenplay writing, teaching, research, blogging, and digital marketing.

An English Literature course is perfect for those who have a knack for writing and possesses a creative bent of mind. So, interested students can apply for the course in top Indian universities to broaden their horizons.

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