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4 strategies to motivate children to study at home


That we are going to continue spending time at home is already a reality.

Also the children and students who these days return in person to classrooms with a greater presence of telematic teaching.

But, how to get children to concentrate and study at home? Our home is full of distractions so it is necessary to set limits, set schedules and get children used to following a schedule with their obligations.

Today on the times4education   blog , we are going to give you 4 keys to motivate children to study at home and not die trying:

Reward effort:

every effort deserves a reward . Spend free time, play your favourate games, watch TV or have that delicious dinner that you like so much. Now more than ever we must reward the effort made by the little ones so as not to be left behind. We need to recognize their achievements and value their good daily practices.

Set goals:

a visual and fun agenda will delight the little ones and help them meet daily, weekly and monthly goals. It is important that they always have this plan at hand to be able to consult it and mark the tasks carried out. Using colored pencils, markers, post-its and school supplies will help them with their homework.

Establish a schedule:

a work schedule must be established, for face-to-face or private classes and another for homework and/or school reinforcement. We must leave a little time each day for the little ones to have fun and if possible, totally free weekends. We must motivate them with activities that they like and making their time at work as pleasant as possible.

Adapting a good work space at home :

adapting a good space at home for children to study is essential. The ideal is that they have their own desk in their room with their drawers and necessary material. But if this is not possible, the table in the living room or kitchen can be a good option. Ventilating the rooms, taking advantage of natural sunlight and having a table and chair adapted to their age and needs will increase their productivity.

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